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19MM Waterproof Momentary Switch: An Effective Waterproof Button

A waterproof momentary switch is a momentary push button switch that is waterproof.

To buy such a button switch, you must first confirm that the button is waterproof, and then you can choose between a momentary push button switch or a latching push button switch on the basis.

IP Waterproof Rating for Pushbutton Switches

You can choose the right waterproof momentary switch according to your actual usage needs, FILN can generally produce IP65-IP68 waterproof buttons.

Índice de protección IP Nivel de agua
IPX0 Sin protección
IPX1 Protection against vertically dripping water
IPX2 Protection against dripping water when tilted up to 15 degrees
IPX3 Protección contra salpicaduras de agua.
IPX4 Protection against splashing water from any direction
IPX5 Protección contra chorros de agua
IPX6 Protection against powerful water jets
IPX7 Protection against temporary immersion in water
IPX8 Protection against continuous immersion in water
IPX9 Protection against high-pressure and high-temperature water

Introduction of Waterproof Momentary Switch

Our waterproof momentary switches have an IP68 rating, ensuring reliable protection against water ingress.

The product features a flat head design and is available in various sizes, including 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 30mm, and 40mm.

For installation, the recommended hole size is 19.2mm for achieving full waterproofing. Simply insert the switch, place the waterproof ring, and tighten the metal screw cap.

These switches are made of different metal materials such as brass, stainless steel (SS304 and SS316), and zinc alloy.

Brass is cost-effective, while stainless steel provides corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance, with SS316 being suitable for extreme temperature environments.

The zinc alloy switches can be plated in various colors, offering aesthetic flexibility.

Waterproof Momentary Switch

The product’s head is made of PC and PA66 plastic materials, ensuring temperature resistance between -40 degrees and 80 degrees Celsius. The switch features a direct outlet design with a black glue bottom for enhanced waterproofing (IP68 rating).

In terms of functionality, the switches are available in various colors, including red, yellow, blue, green, white, as well as two-color (red and green) and three-color (red, green, and blue) combinations.

They support 1NO function, with monochromatic switches having 4 lines, two-color switches having 5 lines, and three-color switches having 6 lines.

With a current rating of 10A / 250V AC, the switches use Teflon-coated wires with a size of 1mm.

They are suitable for applications with power below 1000W. The switches can be customized to operate at different voltages, such as 3V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 110V, and 220V, and have a mechanical life of 100,000 cycles.

The 10A marine push button switches are CE and ROSH certified, ensuring their compliance with international quality standards.

Feel free to leave a positive review after receiving and using our waterproof momentary switches. Your feedback will help more people discover the quality of our products. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns.

How to wire the waterproof momentary switch?

Si desea que la función de que la luz bloqueada esté encendida y el dispositivo se encienda, o la luz de reinicio esté apagada y el dispositivo se detenga, siga la siguiente forma de cableado.

Si desea la función de que el producto esté bloqueado y el dispositivo se inicie, o el producto se reinicie y el dispositivo se cierre, siga la forma de cableado a continuación.

El modo de cableado es el siguiente: el primer paso es que el polo positivo de la alimentación está conectado al pin de carga del interruptor, el otro pin de carga está conectado al pin de luz (+) del LED y al polo positivo del dispositivo .

El segundo paso es que el polo negativo de la potencia se conecta al polo negativo del dispositivo y al pin de luz (-) del LED. Consulte la imagen de abajo.

El modo de cableado es el siguiente: El primer paso es que el polo positivo de la alimentación está conectado al pin de carga del interruptor y al pin de luz (+) del LED, el otro pin de carga está conectado al polo positivo del dispositivo.

El segundo paso es que el polo negativo de la potencia se conecta al polo negativo del dispositivo y al pin de luz (-) del LED. Consulte la imagen de abajo.

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Drawings and Parameters of Waterproof Momentary Switches

Serie de producción FLM19-10FEWZ Botón de guía de luz Plástico de la PC
Forma del botón Redondas Solenoide de acero inoxidable 304
Color del LED del botón rojo azul naranja verde blanco manga de la vivienda H59 latón niquelado / acero inoxidable 304
La vida mecánica El tiempo de 500 mil Pin de botón Cable de PVC de 22 AWG (0.3 MM2)
Vida electrica El tiempo de 100 mil Anillo de goma Gel de sílice SIL
Nivel de protección IP67 IK09 Nuez Latón niquelado H59
Tensión nominal 36 V (CC) 250 (CA) Vivienda PA66 + GF20% nailon
Calificación actual 5A (CC) 5A (CA) Fuente de luz Iluminación
Potencia Nominal 36 W (CC) 125 W (CA) Resistencia película metálica
Temperatura de Funcionamiento -25 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃ Contacto AgCdO12
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